Welcome to my new internet home!

Hello readers! Welcome to my new home on the internet!

I’ve started this blog because I wanted somewhere that I could share my interests and the things that make me happy with the rest of the online community. Hopefully in the not-so-distant future I will be able to use my blog as a platform for other bloggers to share their passions through guest posts and collaborations.

Last year I tried my hand at blogging through Blogspot but that fizzled when I ran out of free time to keep it running and then when I did get some free time – I had to use it in other places. Now that I’ve found my passion for writing and blogging again – I really wanted to up my game and take this site seriously – so I’ve taken the time to learn more about site development and to work on the style before launching properly.

I’ve chosen not to set a strict theme for my blog – I’m hoping to share posts about beauty, lifestyle, music, culture, politics food, home décor and everything in between. I’ve got loads of posts already lined up and at the moment it looks like I’ll be posting twice per week.

I’m really keen to connect with as many people as possible – so feel free to contact me via my social media sites or via the comments section under any of my upcoming posts!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for lots of exciting content!

Megan x

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