1 Year Blogging Anniversary and a BIG Announcement!

On 17th October 2018 – Megan Says will have been online for ONE WHOLE YEAR. I honestly never thought a year ago that I would be writing this post. I want to use this post to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me on my blogging…

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How to Increase Your Following and Engagement on Instagram

Oh Instagram.  It’s bloggers Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. Or you love it and hate it in equal measure. I must say, I’m the latter. I think Instagram is one of the most fun apps around, and it can definitely drive traffic to your blog…

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3 Ways To Use Facebook to Boost Your Blog

Social Media accounts are essential channels for promoting your content. I want to use this post to really focus in on Facebook and how you can use it most effectively to grow your blog. I’ve broken my guide down into 3 easy-to-manage sections and I hope you find them helpful.…

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How to Respond to “ Blogging Isn’t a Real Job”

As a blogger – one of the most annoying scenarios has to be when you tell someone that you’re a blogger and they respond with “but blogging isn’t a real job”. This is something I’ve come across a lot both in “real life” and online in light of THAT showdown…

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How To Use Facebook Groups to Boost Your Blog

  Your personal profile and your blog fan page aren’t the only ways that you can use Facebook to promote your blog. I’ve found that there are three different types of Facebook groups for bloggers.  I like to make sure that I’m involved with a few of each type, especially…

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