6 Tips for Saving Money in your 20’s

Saving money is something that we all want to be able to do all year round. It’s not always easy, especially when wages are low and many people are living pay cheque-to-pay cheque. I’m always trying to cut corners and have as much money left in my account by the…

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health This Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun, family and festivities but there are some people who find this time of year difficult. I’m not trying to take away from the holiday spirit but I would like to use this platform to raise further awareness for those experiencing mental health difficulties this…

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It’s Tough Being Millennials

It’s tough being millennials. I know I may have a barrage of older readers coming back with “You don’t know you’re living” or “Back in my day…”  but this is my blog and this is the world through my eyes. I was born in 1991 and just turned 26 so…

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