Tattoos – My Experience

Thinking about getting a tattoo? I’ve shared my experiences from getting both of my tattoos and what you can expect when getting yours! Before I got my first tattoo, I had heard from a lot of people that tattoos are addictive. I hadn’t taken any notice until I got my…

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These Apps Will Change Your Life

In a world where technology is advancing at break-neck speed, it’s now possible to have your whole life contained in one device. Whether it’s on your phone or a tablet, we are becoming more and more dependent on our electronic devices and apps to keep our schedules and day-to-day lives…

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The Best High End Beauty Products of 2017

I’m a big fan of drugstore make-up, and in recent years drugstore brands have really upped their game to keep up with their higher end counterparts. However, there are some high-end beauty products that I feel are worth spending that little bit extra on. 1. Anastasia Beverley Hills “Modern Renaissance”…

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Hairspray at Grand Opera House, Belfast – Review

Photo credit: On Saturday 4th November 2017 I went to the matinee performance of Hairspray at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. This was my third time seeing Hairspray live on stage, as I saw it twice in the West End in 2009. I had high hopes because the West…

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Cheryl x L’Oreal Paris Lip-Kit Review

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This is at no cost to you! I will not endorse any products or brands which I do not believe in* As a life-long Cheryl fan, I was really excited to hear that…

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