October Favourites and a Life Update

Hello friends – what a super busy month October has been! Anyway, you know how this goes – here are my favourites from October 2018!

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Life News

Very. very little by way of life news this month! I had my birthday on 17th October so I had the day off work and then went out for a meal with Amy in the evening. Great times all round!

Blogging News

This is where the majority of my biz has been for October!

I Launched My Podcast – This is my main excitement for the month! After weeks of preparation (and many, many re-records) – Being Blogger was revealed to the world. This podcast is going to be about all things blogging and social media. I have two episodes live at the moment with plenty more to come! If you haven’t already had a listen, here’s your opportunity!

If there’s something in particular you’d like me to talk about in future episodes – PLEASE get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. I want to provide as much value to my audience as possible through my podcast so all feedback is hugely appreciated.

Double Down on Your DM’s – At the beginning of the month I took part in Alex Beadon’s 5-Day Challenge. Each day we were set a task to complete on our Instagram stories. The aim of the challenge was to make your Instagram stories as engaging as they can be, and in turn increase the number of followers who DM you as a result! It’s amazing how effective making tiny changes about the way you present information can be. Alex created a Facebook group so that everyone taking part in the challenge could help and support each other. I’ve met so many wonderful new blogging/creative/entrepreneurial friends from all over the world.

The challenge is over now but I would advise everyone to keep an eye on Alex’s website. I’m sure she’ll create something similar again soon as it was a huge success!

Giveaway Winner – My very first giveaway came to an end this month – I was so delighted to send the Kalms goodies and Fearne Cotton’s book to Naoimh – make sure you head over to her Instagram page and give her some love!

I hope to be hosting another giveaway really soon, so please stay tuned so you don’t miss it!

Classes – I’ve also booked myself onto a social/digital media class for November but more on that later!

This month I’ve been…

Listening to..

Podcast: On Purpose with Alex Beadon – Since I took part in the Double Down Your DM’s Challenge earlier in the month, I started listening regularly to Alex’s podcast. I really look up to Alex and the empire she’s created. If you haven’t checked her out already, make sure you do – she is GOALS. Each episode of her podcast leaves me feeling so motivated because I’ve really learnt something!

Music – Westlife! I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, I forgot how many huge hits they had in their day! I managed to get two tickets for me and my mum to see their reunion tour in May 2019, these tickets were like gold dust and so hard to get my hands on! I’d be here all day if I were to share all my favourite songs, but here are my top 2: Queen of my Heart and World of our Own:


Make-Up – I’ve been really good and haven’t bought any new make-up items this month! I’m really trying not to buy make-up that I don’t need – so anything I have bought has been to replace essentials that have run out!

Fashion – I’ve bought two pieces this month that I’ve really fallen in love with. First are this cute Mickey Mouse Vans which are part of the latest Disney x Vans collection. The whole collection is gorgeous and it was really hard to pick just one pair to buy. They cost a bit more than I would normally spend on a pair of shoes but I just couldn’t leave them.

Mickey Mouse vans

The next thing I got was this pretty vintage-style dress from Liberty Blue. I was meant to be saving it for wearing at Christmas but I couldn’t resist putting it on for my birthday meal.

liberty blue vintage floral dress

Watching (TV)

I’m DELIGHTED that Riverdale is back on our screens (well, on Netflix!) This season is SO much darker than the previous two but I’m really enjoying it. There hasn’t been a single “meh” episode this season either. If you’re not already hooked on Riverdale –  go and check it out!

Looking Forward To…

Trip to Poland – Our trip to Poland is finally here! I’ll be away from 13th-18th November so there’ll be no blog posts over that few days but make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up with our adventures!

Video/Photography Classes – I’m on a huge kick for improving my social media content at the moment so I’ve signed up for a class in November. I’m taking part in a photography workshop which is being taught by Louis Armstrong (@LouisArmstrong7 on Instagram). His work is incredible, and Amy is coming along with me. It’s nice to have a hobby we can do together, especially when she helps me out with so many of my blog/Insta photos anyway!


What have been your favourites this month? I’d love to hear them! Leave me a comment below or send me a message on my social media channels!

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