8 Must-Have Apps for Bloggers

I finally upgraded my phone this weekend – I got a new gold iPhone 7. I’m already obsessed with it and I hope you will be able to see the improvement in my blog picture quality. Well, once I’ve had a chance to play around with it a bit more! When I was re-downloading all of my apps – it got me thinking about just how many apps I use to work on my blog.

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This is a list of my most-used apps for blogging. I purposefully haven’t included Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as they are a given!


I prefer to write and edit my blog posts using a laptop/desktop but when inspiration strikes, you just have go with it!  I use the WordPress app mostly to upload my photographs and graphics that I’ve edited on my phone.

A Color Story

This is the only app you will ever need to edit your photographs for your Instagram and/or blog. Even if you only download the free version, there are SO many filters, effects and editing tools. Your options are endless! I use the app version of A Color Story on my phone but if you’d rather edit on your laptop or desktop – that’s no problem – it’s available there too!

I’ve found that one of the most useful features is being able to re-size your photographs for Instagram. What’s more, you don’t lose the quality of the original photo.

Facebook Page Manager

You can manage your blog’s Facebook page using the regular Facebook app but it’s very awkward and time-consuming. The Page Manager app is more slick and has extra features such as being able to mark notifications and comments as “done” once you’ve actioned them.


Again with Pinterest (!) I hear you say! But I cannot stress enough how important Pinterest is for bloggers and what a huge source of traffic can be if you use it correctly. I use Tailwind on my desktop to schedule my pins to group boards, but I do all of my manual pinning while I’m on the go via the Pinterest app on my phone.

I also get a lot of inspiration for blog posts from just scrolling through Pinterest and seeing what jumps out at me from there!

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I’ve talked about Canva a few times before on this blog. Canva is the app I use to make the featured images at the top of my blog posts, my visual Twitter posts and all of my pins for Pinterest. The app isn’t quite as advanced as the desktop version just yet. It is catching up quickly though and it’s really easy to use. It’s an app that I really couldn’t do without.


I’ve only recently fallen in love with Evernote and now I’m wondering what I ever did without it. It has so, so many different features to help you stay organised. I mainly use it to make “to-do” lists. It keeps me on top of what tasks need to be completed each day and allows me to mark them off as I get them done.


I would especially recommend Influenster to “new” bloggers as this is an easy way to get products to review for free.

Influenster is a free website and app which allows its users to review and discuss all sorts of product from beauty and electronics to food and drink. Users are encouraged to connect their social media accounts and then Influenster total up your “Influence score” based on these social media accounts. You can increase your “Influence score” by reviewing products and completing surveys and tasks to earn badges. The more you contribute, the higher your chances are of being chosen to receive a VoxBox.

You don’t have to be a blogger to use Influenster – so what are you waiting for? Check out my review of my very first Vox Box below!

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Bloglovin‘ is a blog reader that allows you to keep up with all of your favourite blogs in one places. Most of the time I would use BlogLovin’ while I’m travelling or if I have a few free minutes and my laptop isn’t close by!

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Let me know what your must-have apps are – blogging or otherwise! I love discovering new apps so send me your faves!

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