More YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To!

Waaaaay back in October 2017 I posted a list of YouTube channels that I loved at the time. I’m still subscribed to all of those channels, so if you missed that post and want to check them out, link below!

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Now that over a year has passed, I thought I’d update the list with some more amazing channels that I’ve discovered.

Disney Related Channels

Disney fever has well and truly hit in our house – our trip to Disneyland Paris is now only a few months away (February 2019!) So as a result – I’ve been watching more Disney related videos/channels!

Brian Hull

Even if you’re not a huge Disney fan, you can’t help but love him. He’s amazing at impressions, and can do every Disney character under the sun. In his videos he visits the drive-thru as Disney characters, tours the Disney parks doing impressions and even sings songs in character voices.

I dare you to watch this video without smiling! In this one he’s singing “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman in the style of 3984590363 Disney and Pixar characters. Incredible!

Caffeine and Pixie Dust

I am OBSESSED with Zoe’s channel. Zoe makes (mostly) videos all about Disneyland Paris. She has vlogs, hauls, recommendation videos, you name it – she’s made it! Her videos are so helpful and it’s clear from watching them that she’s put a lot of time and effort into making them as useful and informative as possible. She’s got a super infectious personality and her videos have been invaluable for us planning our own Disney adventure.

Food Challenge Channels

I love watching food challenge videos and I shared Beard Meats Food with you in my last post. These next two are incredible competitive eaters and their channels make for really addictive viewing!

Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie doesn’t upload as often as some of the other YouTubers on this list. But when he does upload – the videos are worth the wait. In the video I’ve chosen to share, he eats the biggest English breakfast I’ve ever seen at a ridiculously fast speed.

Food Coma

I cannot understand how Jesse/Food Coma doesn’t have more subscribers. He’s based in Australia, can put an unreal amount of food away AND he’s got a really likable personality too.

Misc Channels

Melanie Murphy

I only recently discovered Melanie’s channel so I’ve been binging her videos a lot to catch up. This girl is just REAL. Her videos are 100% relatable and I just really enjoy listening to what she has to say. She’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics and put her opinion out there and I love that.

Petty Paige

Paige’s channel tackles all the YouTube/Influencer scandals and trends as they happen. Gossip channels aren’t usually my kind of thing but she’s the exception to the rule.

She’s hilarious and takes a completely no-nonsense approach to getting to the bottom of each and every drama. In the video I’ve shared above – she tackles the Eltoria Advent Calendar scandal (Eltoria *allegedly* sold advent calendars to her fans which were filled with her unwanted PR items and gifts from other advent calendars!)

Lycia Faith

Lycia posts a huge range of videos from beauty to fashion and mukbangs but my favourites have to be her playlist videos. She has amazing music taste and her channel has helped me discover SO many new songs and artists.

I’d love to hear your favourite YouTubers – so please let a comment below and share the love! ALSO if my list has helped you discovery someone new- I’d love to hear about that too!

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