Cheryl x L’Oreal Paris Lip-Kit Review

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As a life-long Cheryl fan, I was really excited to hear that she was bringing out her own lip kits and eye-paints with L’Oreal Paris. Even though I already have far more make-up than I need – I ended up picking up the Burgundy lip-kit from Superdrug and I’m so gutted to say that I’m disappointed. I chose the Burgundy lip-kit because I thought the Peach one would be too light on my already pale skin. Plus, the store I went to didn’t have “Greige” so that made the decision easy!


The outside packaging is really slick as you can see from the photograph. The liquid lipstick comes in a tube similar to the TooFaced Melted lipsticks but this one is more plain. I noticed that it doesn’t actually make any reference on the packaging that it’s from Cheryl’s range. It just looks like any of the other L’Oreal lipsticks on the stand. You also need to be careful if you’re carrying the lipliner around – the lid is really loose and doesn’t stay on.


As you can see from the swatches – the lipliner is FAR too dark for the lipstick. They’re completely different colours. No matter how gentle a hand I use when I’m applying the liner – it ends up looking very harsh because the liquid lipstick is too light. The lipstick comes out more of a light brown on the lips than a burgundy which was disappointing.

Lasting Power

The L’Oreal website states that the lipstick should last “up to 8 hours”. The formula of the lipstick is really creamy and slippery – and I found that it never fully dried. It was advertised as a matte finish but I can confirm that it’s definitely more of a glossy one. The lasting power of the lipliner is actually quite good. It stayed nearly perfect for about 4 hours but the lipstick was as good as gone within one.


One thing I do love about this collaboration is the fact that £1.00 from the sale of each lip-kit goes to the Princes Trust. For that reason I feel like I can’t say that I FULLY regret buying this product but if it wasn’t for the charitable donation, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re looking for a good drugstore lip-kit – try the Make-Up Revolution ones. They have better staying power and they’re very matte.

I reckon I’ll be giving the liquid lipstick an altogether miss. I’m going to try the liner with a darker lipstick that I already own – possibly LAX by ColorPop and hope that it matches it better. I wanted to love this product, I really did but sadly, when it comes to lip kits – I’ll be sticking with Kylie Cosmetics.

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