The Christmas Tag

Seeing as we’re getting closer to the big day, and because I didn’t take part in Blogmas this year – I thought I’d do the Christmas Tag! The Questions What’s your favourite Christmas movie? The Grinch – the Jim Carey one! I watch it every single year. I also love…

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Charity Shops – Debunking the Myths

I think I first fell in love with charity shops when I watched the movie Wild Child. There’s a scene where all the girls from Poppy’s school go to a charity shop to find their prom dresses – I’ll put the link here but you’ll see what I mean when…

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How to Make Money and Grab a Bargain on Depop

Is your bedroom full of clutter? Depop might just be the answer for you! What Is Depop? Depop is a free app available on Apple and Android where you can sell your old, pre-loved items, or simply swap them for something new! Depop works a bit like Instagram. You post…

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Festive Prosecco Afternoon Tea at the MalMaison Hotel, Belfast

I bought Amy vouchers for afternoon tea at the MalMaison Hotel in Belfast for passing the first year of her PHD. We finally got the chance to use them at the weekend. When we arrived at the MalMaison we were told that we would be eating from their festive afternoon…

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It’s Tough Being Millennials

It’s tough being millennials. I know I may have a barrage of older readers coming back with “You don’t know you’re living” or “Back in my day…”  but this is my blog and this is the world through my eyes. I was born in 1991 and just turned 26 so…

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