Ultimate Indie Rock Playlist

Indie and rock are two music genres that I’ve been listening to a lot more recently. As I’ve got older my taste in music has expanded a lot. I still love cheesy pop and musical theatre but I’ve learned to love and appreciate other genres too! When I’m listening to…

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Tips to Help You Secure Your Dream House

Over the last 8 years or so I’ve moved a LOT. I spent three years in England, and I moved house each year. Since I came back to Belfast in 2013 I’ve lived in my parents house and two other apartments and now I’m moving again! Basically I’m becoming quite…

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How To Celebrate Valentines Day On A Budget

Valentines Day is creeping up quickly – doesn’t Christmas seem like just a few days ago?! Like Christmas, it’s very easy to go overboard on Valentines Day without even realising it. Showing someone that you love them doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – it’s the thought that counts. We’re…

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6 TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

Going out and being sociable is great but sometimes there’s just nothing better than staying and binge-watching an entire series on Netflix. It’s also a great procrastination tool (not that I would ever advocate for that of course!) Here are some of my favourites: Dynasty          …

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Setting Goals for the New Year and Beyond

Setting goals is a way of life. When you’re younger you say you want to learn all of your times tables by the end of the year, or how to spell a big word. As you get older your goals get bigger and bigger and by the time you reach…

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