8 YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

I spend a lot of my free time on YouTube. I find it a lot easier to concentrate on shorter videos so I generally prefer YouTube to TV shows as everything is in short bursts and you can pick and choose what/who you’re watching. I’m currently subscribed LOADS of channels but I’ve chosen my 8 favourites to share with you today. I’ve tried to include a wide range of genres so hopefully there is something here for everyone. They’re in no particular order.


1. Beard Meats Food

Adam “Beard Meats Food” “The Beard” Moran has been a fairly recent discovery. He is one of the UK’s top competitive eaters and he uploads weekly food challenges and vlogs. The amount of food this man can put away is seriously impressive – in the video above he eats over 10,000 calories worth of Burger King but this is by no means his biggest challenge!


2. DramaticMAC

I find myself watching Aisling/DramaticMAC s channel a lot. She’s one of the few make-up “gurus” whose reviews I trust 100% as she’s very honest and if she doesn’t like a product- she’ll say so. Shes also responsible for my lack of bank balance – I always end up buying loads of the products she recommends on her channel. Her channel features a good balance of drugstore and high-end makeup so she easily appeals to all budgets. She’s also an Irish YouTuber and I’m all about supporting your own!


3. Foil Arms and Hog

Foil, Arms and Hog are a comedy trio made up of three guys from Ireland. I had the opportunity to watch their live show “Oink!” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer and they are HILARIOUS. They post up short 1-3 minute sketches every week and they’re usually relevant to whatever is going on in the world at the time. Subscribe for laughs.


4. Rose and Rosie (RoseEllenDix and Roxcetera)

Rose and Rosie are a married couple who effectively live their lives on the Internet! They each have their own channel plus a gaming channel that they share. The Rose Ellen Dix channel focuses on comedy style videos and TheRoxtera has more topical and advice videos together with some vlogs of Rose and Rosie’s day-to-day lives. I’d recommend subscribing to both channels as the girls are both charming and hilarious and they post really regularly. For Rose’s channel I’ve chosen to share the video where she proposes to Rosie as it’s one of the cutest videos I’ve ever watched and for Rosie’s channel I’m sharing one of the videos from her RealTalk series about how to have a good relationship.


5. Community Channel

Unfortunately CommunityChannel isn’t an active channel anymore but there are years and years worth of videos still online to catch up on. Natalie Tran aka CommunityChannel makes comedy sketches out of of day to day situations. Even though she’s not active on YouTube anymore – she’s still being hilarious on Twitter.


6. Stacy Solis

Stacy’s channel is mostly advice videos with sprinkles other awesome content here and there. Her LGBTQ advice videos are particularly great and I think she’s filled a gap in the market with these. I love watching Stacy because she’s very genuine and you can tell that she’s so passionate about what she does. There’s something about her videos that make you feel like you’re talking to a friend- not watching a stranger online and I love that.


7. Thania’s Beauty

Thanias’s Beauty is another beauty channel that I’ve been subscribed to forever. Her channel has grown so much over the years and for good reason. She uploads make-up tutorials, hauls, reviews, lifestyle and challenge videos. She’s so glamorous – but her tutorials are so well thought-out that they’re super beginner-friendly and easy to follow. She also has a separate vlog channel.


8. That’s So Jack

I discovered Jack through his HUGELY popular “My Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard” series on his channel. Jack has amazing music taste and you can’t help but love his infectious personality as he takes you through his favourite songs. Jack also uploads regular vlogs.

Let me know who your favourite YouTubers are in the comments box or if you’ve subscribed to any of my favourites!


  1. Kaitlyn Cairns
    December 7, 2017 / 7:57 pm

    Just subscribed myself to ‘The Beard’ and that beautiful married couple! I have a lot to catch up on!
    Two of my favourite YouTubers are Good Mythical Morning and Ashens! I find them very entertaining and I frequently find myself just having their voices in the background as I go about doing other things!

    • megansays
      December 8, 2017 / 12:11 pm

      Kaitlyn!! I’m so happy you found people you liked on my list – the Beard is one of my favourites – his videos are so addictive.

      I’m going to check out Good Mythical Morning and Ashens this evening when I finish work. Thanks so much for reading x

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