How to Make Money and Grab a Bargain on Depop

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Is your bedroom full of clutter? Depop might just be the answer for you!

What Is Depop?

Depop is a free app available on Apple and Android where you can sell your old, pre-loved items, or simply swap them for something new!

Depop works a bit like Instagram. You post a picture of your item, and then use hashtags to make them easily searchable. The majority of listings on Depop are for clothes but you can sell just about anything on there!  Also, just like Instagram, you can follow your favourite users and when they list new items, they’ll appear on your feed.

If you find something you like, you can buy instantly or opt to message the seller to try and get a lower price.

What is the difference between Depop and Ebay?

Depop don’t charge you to list your items. They take 10% of the agreed price for any items sold, and then you pay a small Paypal fee. eBay take the 10% commission on the sale, the PayPal fee plus you have to pay to list your item if you don’t want to auction it.

Also, Depop is “app only”. You can only make purchases through the app – whereas eBay has its main site AND an app.

My Favourite Depop Purchases

I’ve been using Depop on and off for a while now, and I’ve picked up some amazing bargains along the way. These psychedelic trainers from Rita Ora’s collection with Adidas were my latest find. Their retail price was £75.00 but I got them for £25.00 from a lovely girl who had only worn them once. Total bargain!

trainers Adidas rita ora depopulated

I also got this awesome Hard Rock Cafe over-sized denim jacket for £15.00 – far less than what it’s worth!

hard rock cafe denim jacket depop

Have I convinced you yet?

Tips for Buyers

  • Be careful if you’re buying make-up on Depop. Fake make-up is not only bad for your skin, but it can be a danger to your health if you don’t know what’s really in the product you’re putting on your face! For example, there are a lot of people selling fake Kylie Cosmetics products on there – as the real ones are expensive to import into the UK with customs etc. At the time of writing this, I found someone selling a “real” Kylie “KoKo K” liquid lipstick for £2. The shade definitely was not KoKo K – as in the photo it was bright purple but the “real” shade is a pale pink. A way to avoid getting scammed is to ask the seller for proof of purchase from the original vendor. I think the general rule of thumb to apply here is – if it looks too good to be true – it probably is!
  • Read the seller’s reviews before you buy – pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to buy something and then find out that the seller has a habit of accepting payment and not sending the item!
  • If you message the seller before you hit “buy” – chances are, you’ll be able to get some sort of discount – either on the postage or the item itself.
  • If you want to try your hand at haggling, be polite – not pushy. Make sure that your offers for a lower price are reasonable. If the seller has listed the item for £30.00 – they’re not going to accept a fiver for it.
  • Don’t leave feedback until you’ve received your purchase. You can’t take back feedback once you’ve sent it.

Tips for Sellers

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day – don’t upload 100 items in one go and expect them all to sell overnight. Be patient!
  • Include original boxes for items – if you can, and you will have a better chance of selling your item. People are willing to pay more if the items are as good as shop quality.
  • Take high quality pictures – the best way to shoot is using bright, natural daylight. Display as many photographs as you can and show as much detailing as possible. If there is a tiny, barely noticeable stain on the item, be honest and say so. Otherwise it may come back on you as negative feedback which may jeopardize future sales.
  • Communicate with your buyers – If you receive a question, comment or message, answer them as quickly as you can. If there is going to be a delay in posting an item – make sure that you let the buyer know. Always offer to provide proof of postage – it lets potential buyers know that you’re a trustworthy seller.
  • Buy your envelopes and other packaging in Poundland – it’s much cheaper than in the Post Office.
  • Package the items carefully and sensibly. Don’t send your items wrapped in paper – paper is easily ripped and leaves the item susceptible to damage.
  • Don’t over-charge for postage – you will get found out and huge shipping costs will put people off buying your items.
  • Not sure what to charge? Google your item – see who else is selling similar items so you can get an idea of how much to charge!
  • Be pro-active – follow lots of people who “like” items similar to the ones you’re selling. Chances are, they’ll follow you back, have a look at your profile and BOOM – potential sales!
  • Promote your Depop shop on your social media accounts – you never know who might see them.
  • “Like for a Swap” – If you’re interested in swapping, it would be a good idea to upload a graphic with the hashtag “#LikeForASwap” – it makes it easier for people to see your items without having to trawl through their search results.

I’m not selling anything on Depop at the moment but I’m hoping to list some things over the Christmas break. If you have a Depop account and you think you have something I might like – give me a follow and I’ll follow back!

depop vintage

Amy is selling loads of great quality vintage and high street clothes on her account right now – so give her a follow and see if she has anything you like! She also accepts swaps!

If you see anything you want to buy on her account – send her a message, tell her that you found her account on MeganSays – automatically get 20% discount!

Happy Depop-ing!

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    1. Hi Niki! Thank you for visiting my site. Depop is available all over the world – you should be able to find it on the App Store or Google Play depending on what type of phone/tablet you have! Good luck 🙂

    1. I find it so hard to believe that in this age some apps still aren’t available on both platforms! Thank you so much for reading x

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